NatureSeal, Westport, Conn., formulated First Step+ 10, an antimicrobial produce wash resulting from the collaborative research between NatureSeal and the USDA Food Safety and Intervention Technologies Research Unit. 

First Step+ 10 antimicrobial wash is a co-patented technology specially formulated with FDA-approved, GRAS ingredients that are 100% water soluble and biodegradable. First Step+ 10 is an environmentally friendly mixture of organic acids and hydrogen peroxide in a liquid concentrate form.

Applying First Step+ 10 in wash water will inactivate dislodged microorganisms and human pathogens in wash water and prevent cross-contamination. 

First Step+ 10 has been validated by the USDA and has shown a 99.99% reduction in suspension tests against pathogenic bacteria and spoilage microorganisms.

NatureSeal Inc.