Maple Leaf Foods, Canada, introduced Maple Leaf Canadian Craft, a new line of craft meats inspired by Canada.

Each product is made from pork raised by Canadian farmers and premium, natural ingredients. Maple Leaf Canadian Craft includes Atlantic Course Salt Prosciutto, Canadian Whisky and Apple Bacon, Montreal Steak Spice Capicollo, Montreal Style Smoked Meat Wieners, Okanagan Inspired Garlic & Herb Salami, Ontario Inspired Cherrywood Smoked Ham and Quebec Maple Ham.

“There was untapped potential to introduce artisanal meats to all Canadians by making them more familiar and accessible,” says Adam Grogan, senior vice president, marketing and innovation. “Our brand mission is to help Canadians discover what Canada tastes like. Marrying the best quality meats made from Canadian-raised pork with iconic regionally inspired flavors has helped us define a brand new prepared meats experience that will evoke feelings of excitement and familiarity in Canadians coast-to-coast.”

Maple Leaf partnered with several local Canadian suppliers for ingredients, including sourcing whisky and Atlantic salt from Nova Scotia and maple syrup from Quebec.

“Maple Leaf Canadian Craft is extremely versatile,” says chef Andrea Nicholson. “Its premium, bold flavors are ideal for elevating ordinary meals, and it’s a proud Canadian way to serve craft meats as part of a meat and cheese platter that people can relate to and enjoy.”

The products are available at all major retail locations across Canada, including Quebec.