Prairie Farms, Carlinville, Ill., crafted new Chef’s Splendor Honey Cookie Milk, a new flavor to the company’s summer milk lineup.

Blended with 100% real milk and the perfect balance of sweetness, Honey Cookie is a delicate combination of honey flavor and sugar.

“Prairie Farms continues to drive innovation by bringing our customers new and exciting milk flavors throughout the year. With the introduction of 21 specialty milk flavors since 2015, we have completely disrupted the flavored milk category,” says Rebecca Leinenbach, vice president of marketing and communications. “Our Chef’s Splendor lineup is unique. The indulgent flavor combinations are delicious on their own, perfect for recipes or they can complement a variety of spirits.”

Packaged in eco-friendly quart-sized paper cartons, Chef’s Splendor Honey Cookie Milk is available at retail outlets in the Midwest throughout the summer.