Vollrath Co., Sheboygan, Wis., debuted a new lineup of Italian-engineered electric slicers. Designed to continuously slice meats and cheeses in high-volume operations, each slicer is belt-driven with built-in sharpeners manufactured to NSF/ANSI 8 standards.

Meanwhile, Vollrath’s induction wok range, which combines the high-efficiency benefit of induction technology with the performance of its gas counterpart, features 100 power settings and a turbo button for immediate fast heat.

The new stainless-steel decorative ring is an easy-to-install accessory that provides an alternative to the black plastic exterior ring that comes standard on both the 7- and 11-quart drop-in rethermalizers and warmers.

The company’s redesigned bakery cases feature half-inch clear acrylic and soft-down hinge construction for easy self-service. Each model comes with clear 18x26-inch trays, comes with one, two or three shelves and is designed to fit on standard countertops with 23-inch depth. The bakery case design includes a convenient storage area below the case, ideal for bags, wax paper or boxes, and optional LED lighting and mirror doors.

With a small footprint and portable, lightweight design, the Stoelting mini soft serve countertop freezer is ideal for small restaurants, delis, bakeries, food trucks and convenience stores looking to expand their frozen and cold dispensed beverage offerings, while saving valuable counter space. Operable with both commercial dry and liquid mixes, the mini soft serve freezer can make a variety of frozen treats, including ice milk, ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen dietary desserts.

Ideal for use as a single meal serving tray, the new one-eighth-size sheet pan features even heat distribution, durability, dent resistance and easy cleaning properties, and allows for easy viewing and 90-degree stacking rotation.

Vollrath’s new ice cream spade features an extended length handle that allows operators to easily reach far inside ice cream tubs and gelato pans. The handle is encapsulated with anti-freeze, which aids in releasing the ice cream from the bowl. It also has a hole in the handle for convenient storage. Made of durable cast aluminum, this NSF-certified ice cream spade is ideal for scraping down the sides of ice cream pails and smoothing off the top layer of ice cream for serving.

The newest addition to the Miramar display cookware line of products is a 4-inch-deep version of the 12-inch oval au gratin pan, which features a full mirror finish and provides an opportunity to double the serving capacity.

Maximize limited space at busy self-service operations with Vollrath’s new countertop and in-counter dispensers and organizers. This new line of organizers is designed to pair together for ultimate flexibility to dispense flatware, lids, cups, straws, stir sticks, napkins and pre-packaged condiments. It is made of durable ABS plastic and stylish smoked acrylic.

The Vollrath Co., LLC