Just Desserts, San Francisco, expanded its organic and vegan offering, with new organic cakes.

“We have strong demand for our organic and vegan offering—particularly ‘grab-and-go’ products,” says Michael Mendes, chief executive officer. “Our organic cakes are well received by discerning consumers seeking premium, organic, GMO-free cakes using cage-free eggs. These hand-crafted, baked-from-scratch cakes carry the superior taste and texture of our original cakes introduced over 40 years ago.”

New varieties include single-serve Chocolate Mini Bundt and a range of organic cupcakes.

“Consumers want quality and integrity in the food they and their families eat. It is difficult to source organic ingredients, and segregate production processes to meet organic certification requirements. Most large traditional bakeries are unwilling to assume this burden,” adds Mendes. “While our traditional products feature wholesome natural ingredients and do not use artificial flavors or fillers, organic certification offers an additional level of scrutiny that many consumers value.”