Zip-Pak, Manteno, Ill., featured several unique solutions that blend two or more of its proprietary flexible packaging reclosure technologies.

POUR & LOK WITH VECTOR delivers a unique combination of consumer-friendly dispensing with secure reclosability. Applying Zip-Pak’s Vector easy-align, matrix reclosure to a portion of the flexible pouch opening forms a convenient resealable pour spout, which can be easily integrated into new or existing packaging designs. Combined, these two features provide consumers with reliable product delivery and secure storage, and represent an ideal package solution for a variety of consumer goods in both large and small pouch formats.

ZIP360 WITH VECTOR takes brand owners and their products “beyond the box” with a standup format for shelf-ready display and space on all sides for full-panel graphics that create maximum shelf impact. The flexible pouch’s innovative wide-mouth opening provides easy product access, while the large base provides convenient storage in the home. The Vector closure technology complements the ZIP360 format, enabling convenient “first-time/every-time” reclosure for maximum product life. This “dynamic duo” is ideal for consumables like frozen foods and more.

Zipbox combines a paperboard carton body with an easy-to-use zip pouch top. The liner-free package is said to hold up to 40% more content than traditional bag-in-box packaging, which reduces fill time, maximizes storage efficiency and lowers transportation costs. Zipbox combines traditional paper box characteristics with a simple zipper closure and maximum product freshness.

Zip-Pak Sensus is a revolutionary closure technology that’s part of Zip-Pak’s family of Sensory Feedback Fasteners. This innovative closure type informs the user through tactile and audible cues when the zipper is securely fastened, assuring that food products achieve maximum shelf life. Sensus technology is perfect for secure packaging of a variety of other foods, such as cheeses and more.

Fragrance-Zip,a recent addition to the Sensory Feedback Fastener category, emits a customized aroma whenever a flexible package is opened or closed. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the “power of smell” in a scent-embedded closure by releasing a memory-evoking aroma every time the package is opened. Products with unpleasant odors can also effectively be masked with scents that create a more pleasant aromatic experience.

Zip-Pak, a division of Illinois Tool Works