A-B-C Packaging, Tarpon Springs, Fla., now offers an all-stainless case sealer for refrigerated and frozen foods with washdown requirements and other manufacturing plants with acidic or caustic environments. With fully stainless construction from the frame to the fasteners, bearings, chain drives and a NEMA 4X-rated control cabinet, this sealer ensures top productivity in rugged conditions with hot melt sealing speeds to 50 cases per minute.

A top feature of Model M436HM includes the total flexibility to run a full range of corrugated cases with only three manual adjustments. On refrigerated and frozen food lines that also run plastic crates, there is no need to build a bypass conveyor around the sealer–simply set the sealer to bypass mode and the crates cycle straight through to palletizing. To return to corrugated cases, the machine can be re-set to sealing mode with one easy adjustment.

This hot melt case sealer incorporates A-B-C’s production-proven features that ensure square cases, including contoured flap folders and a spring-loaded compression section to ensure secure seals.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.