Transportation Insight, Hickory, N.C., announced plans to rebrand its transactional division as BirdDog Logistics. This branding comes on the heels of several strategic acquisitions that significantly strengthen the company’s ability to provide freight brokerage service to every sector of the North American economy.

“Over a 17-year period, Transportation Insight has carefully crafted all the component parts needed to provide the most holistic supply chain solutions available in North America,” says Paul Thompson, founder and chairman. “An important piece of that is the direct ability to provide brokerage capacity to Transportation Insight’s customers and other customers in the logistics marketplace. As we’ve seen clients seek better capacity sourcing over the last 4-5 years, we’ve been able to help them fulfill those needs directly in a way that allows us to guarantee the best quality service.”

The new BirdDog brand unifies recent Transportation Insight acquisitions under one recognizable name that illustrates the company’s longtime dedication to serving its clients and partner service providers. After years of strategic market research to create a brand that represented the brokerage’s business goals and culture, Transportation Insight leaders discovered the ideal resonance in the name of a company acquired last year.

“Given the competitiveness of the global marketplace, we wanted to select a brand that best represents our brokerage,” says Chris Baltz, president and CEO. “Names matter and brands matter, and we believe the name and the brand of BirdDog is an absolutely perfect fit for the service our brokerage provides. When you say the word BirdDog, you think intelligent, well-trained, disciplined and loyal. As we operate this transactional logistics division, that name – and all it stands for – represents the quality of service and the experience our customers enjoy when doing transactional business with us.”

BirdDog rises from a foundation established by former truckload carrier CHTL Logistics, Hickory, N.C. Going forward, that company continues the tradition of fulfilling shipper and carrier expectations under theBirdDog brand.

“We’ve amassed a substantial truckload brokerage operation with a clear pathway to becoming a company with revenues in excess of $1 billion,” says Baltz. “Between our organic growth and several recent acquisitions, we’ve assembled a BirdDog leadership team with more than 120 years’ experience in the transportation logistics and freight brokerage industry. This expertise in managing a wide variety of transportation modes guarantees that the BirdDog team is capable of delivering class-leading freight management services.”

“Rolling out the BirdDog brand is the final chapter in building out a brokerage with a best-in-class technology solution that integrates the most up-to-date tracking, visibility, solutions and service monitoring,” says Randy Abernathy, vice president of operations for BirdDog. “Through acquisitions and our significant organic growth efforts, we now have nearly 1,000 clients and a strong foothold in almost every single industry, including consumer product goods, temperature-controlled fresh logistics, retail, heavy equipment, flatbed, electronics and entertainment.”

BirdDog plans to double the size of its 100-member team within the next three years. BirdDog’s primary operating center is situated on an 11-acre campus in downtown Hickory, N.C. On-site amenities include a full-service cafeteria, athletic field with future plans for a gymnasium, basketball court and workout facilities.