Evans Farms Produce and The Frozen Farmer, both of Bridgeville, Del., teamed up to open what is said to be Delaware’s first drive-through marketplace and a new on-farm creamery, also located in Bridgeville.

The facility, located one mile east of Route 13, is equipped with a carport where customers can drive up and place their grocery order, putting a convenient and unique spin on shopping for locally grown and produced goods.

“The concept of the drive-through marketplace is to add convenience for our customers,” says Katey Evans, co-owner of Evans Farms. “Sometimes getting out of the vehicle can be a hassle. The drive-through marketplace allows customers the convenience of shopping for all of the local goods we carry, including produce, milk, eggs, bread, meat, cheese, jarred items and more, right from their vehicle.”

In addition to the drive-through marketplace, the new Evans Farms building boasts a spacious general store area where customers can shop for locally produced groceries amongst a 12-foot indoor grain silo and 10-foot indoor windmill.

“This building has been a long-time dream for our family,” adds Kevin Evans, third generation farmer and owner of Evans Farms. “By establishing The Frozen Farmer last year, we were able to tie in our dairy roots and give our customers yet another way to enjoy our homegrown produce by making it into homemade, hand-dipped treats, like ice cream and sorbet.”

The Frozen Farmer makes from-scratch ice cream and sorbet from the fruit grown on Evans Farms. The new Frozen Farmer at Evans Farms features an open kitchen, so that customers can interact with the chefs and watch them turn raw ingredients, like a basket of fresh-picked sweet corn, into an end product like sweet corn ice cream.

“We wanted to show everyone what homemade really means by giving them a full view into our kitchen where they can watch us make our products from scratch right down to the very base ingredient,” says Jo Ellen Algier, executive chef and co-owner of The Frozen Farmer. “We use only the most premium ingredients with no powders or mixes. That’s what makes all the difference in flavor.”