Progressive Produce LLC, Los Angeles, and Seaview Packing, Inc., Coachella, Calif., announced a partnership that would expand Progressive’s capabilities and reach into new local, regional and national markets. Progressive has been packing, marketing and selling citrus for over 10 years.

“We are really excited about this partnership and what the combination of our two companies brings to our customers. Ever since we got into the citrus business with our very successful line of baby lemons, key limes and limes, our customers have been looking for us to provide some of their ‘big box’ fruit. We have never really found the right partner until now,” says Jim Leimkuhler, president of Progressive.

“We are not the biggest grower here, but we take a lot of pride in what we do,” says Dennis Jensen, president of Seaview. “We feel that by partnering with Progressive, we can take really good care of their customers and provide the kind of quality and service that is needed in today’s marketplace. Plus, we anticipate future growth in our business in the coming years.”

Hugo Barajas, a 16-year Seaview employee, will join the Progressive sales team.