KHS GmbH, Germany, added consumable goods to its portfolio of packaging and filling systems, spare parts and maintenance. The product range will initially comprise various types of cold glue and hot melt for labeling machines.

"Our Innocoll products are perfectly designed for KHS machines," says Joachim Brzoska, the new head of the service products department for consumable goods. “In the future, each new KHS machine will be directly supplied with suitable consumable goods in order to ensure uncomplicated commissioning of new lines. What sounds simple is actually very complex in practice; only with the right consumables can it be assured that everything runs smoothly right from the beginning. KHS is a turnkey systems supplier. It's only logical that we should bring the sale of consumable goods back under our roof”

"The climate also plays a major role as regards glue needs,” Brzoska adds. “For example, we at KHS are familiar with the special requirements beverage producers have, and have a great deal of expertise in consultancy. We know exactly which adhesive is best suited to which climate zone and which local machine. Those who use inexpensive glue can soil the machine and cause it to malfunction. The market today is extremely dynamic. Should new challenges arise in labeling, we can react flexibly, as KHS and quickly develop a new adhesive in close cooperation with the machine manufacturers."