Norway-based Grieg NL selected AMG Norway, a subsidiary of the Aqua Maof Group, to build its $200 million state-of-the-art hatchery and nursery facility in Marystown, Newfoundland, Norway, what is said to be the largest and most advanced in the world for salmon.

The facility, which will deploy Aqua Maof's cutting-edge RAS technology, will produce 7 million smolt, ranging up to 1,500 grams. Grieg NL will stock 11 sea-cage sites for the subsequent growth and harvest of 33,000 annual tons of Atlantic salmon.

Construction of the hatchery will be completed in 2017, with construction of the grow-out sites set to begin in 2017 as well. The companies expect the facility's annual production to reach 33,000 tons by 2023, which will more than double Newfoundland and Labrador's current production of Atlantic salmon.

"We are happy and honored to be chosen by Grieg NL to build the world's most advanced RAS facility that leverages both our company's technology and aquaculture experience,” says David Hazut, chief executive officer of Aqua Maof. “Indeed, our advanced solution for indoor fish production is sustainable, environmentally responsible (green) and cost efficient. This facility will be another confirmation that our technology is the best solution to the aquaculture industry's challenges and the growing demand for seafood in all markets."

"We are happy to collaborate with AMG Norway and Aqua Maof to build the world's most advanced RAS facility,” adds Knut Skeidsvoll, general manager of Grieg NL. “Aqua Maof's technology will protect our project's values of sustainability, maintain the highest environmental standards and also achieve the most efficient cost of production, thus contributing to the project's overall success. We see great potential for salmon farming in Newfoundland and Labrador, and plan to leverage Aqua Maof's experience and technology to deliver the best production results and become a leading producer of fresh salmon products."