Worldwide Express – B.V., Richardson, Texas, launched a supply chain consulting service to enhance its product offering to the SMB market.

Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions will focus on developing and implementing strategy and design and aid clients in continuously measuring, analyzing and improving supply chain operations with an emphasis on mitigating risk.

“This is an exciting development for us, and one that our clients have been looking forward to for quite some time,” says Mike Mullen, chief operating officer.

The development of Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions was the brainchild of president Brian Tribble, who will personally oversee the launch and implementation. Tribble is a 16-year veteran of the firm, and former Naval Logistics Officer with operational experience in East Africa. In addition, he is an APICS-certified supply chain professional with a transportation and logistics subspecialty.    

“We recognized a long time ago that our clients needed access to this kind of expertise and Brian has moved us steadily in this direction. Our firm is uniquely qualified to bring this service to the Worldwide Express system” says Philip Erdoes, CEO of Bear Ventures.

Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions is available to U.S.-based customers, and will become available to the Worldwide Express franchise system in Q1 of 2017.