Optimally, a Fairfield, N.J.-based a dairy sourcing consulting firm, launched to help food industry operators take charge of their supply chain strategy.

Optimally helps foodservice, retail and ingredient operators streamline their dairy supply chain, optimize sourcing strategies and innovate to better serve end consumers.

“We found that those companies were missing key ingredients in their sourcing program,” says Ralph Hoffman, managing partner. “Our staff has a diverse background, and that gives us a unique perspective to provide insight across the entire dairy category. We quickly realized that those businesses were among many who could benefit from the expertise our team offers.”

Optimally’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, deep partnerships, experience navigating turbulent dairy markets and proprietary analysis services allow partners to maintain quality standards.

“Beyond simply making recommendations, we have the resources and experience to guide partners through successful implementation,” Hoffman says. “Every step of the way, we’re providing real data for complete transparency, so our partners have complete confidence in the process.”