GPS monitoring software manages fleet's downtime

ARI developed what is said to be the first technology that can precisely measure how long a vehicle is out of service and provide data to proactively manage the reduction of a fleet’s total downtime. ARI VehicleDowntimeView uses GPS monitoring and telematics data to pinpoint the exact moment a vehicle arrives at and departs from a shop. Fleet personnel can search for and view the exact location of vehicles via Bing maps and set parameters to be notified when vehicles are down for maintenance past a certain timeframe. They can also view other important details about the repair being done on the vehicle. 



Unique film structure for flow pack machines

Johnson Matthey developed a unique MA/MH film structure that is applicable for flow pack machines. The Galaxy 1200 is designed for any produce item packed in trays, and is adjustable depending on the packers’ needs. Delfin Srl. developed the prototype machine for automated packing with Johnson Matthey’s Xflow.

Johnson Matthey, Inc.


Whole genome sequencing test

Clear Labs released a comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test that allows the food industry to identify specific pathogen strains, monitor for pathogen-related problems in the food supply and trace outbreaks. The new test pairs WGS technology with Clear Labs’ proprietary analytics pipeline to monitor ingredient supplies and the effectiveness of preventive and sanitary controls, correlate a specific pathogen strain to a specific crop with a specific geographical origin (by comparing to a comprehensive database of outbreaks strains), develop new rapid method- and culture-independent tests, determine the persistence of pathogens in the environment and monitor emerging pathogens. This WGS test can also be used as a possible indicator of antimicrobial resistance.

Clear Labs


Extending shelf life of rigid, flexible packaging

Performance Packaging of Nevada introduced AIRSHIELD, a process designed to chemically remove oxygen from rigid and flexible packages such as pouches and packages containing fitments or solid closures to extend shelf life. When AIRSHIELD is added to a pouch cap, for instance, it eliminates the need for a foil liner on the top of the package. In addition to oxygen benefits, early tests have shown that AIRSHIELD stabilizes the ambient relative humidity within the container. In flexible packaging, AIRSHIELD provides an oxygen environment equal to foil.

Performance Packaging of Nevada


High-capacity OEM shrink wrapper

Qimarox released a fast and reliable shrink wrapper sold exclusively to OEMs and system integrators. This versatile ring wrapper can wrap up to 100 pallets in foil per hour, and can be easily integrated in combination with other palletizing modules. Features include a control system that allows system integrators to combine the control system of both the palletizer and the ring wrapper (and any other system components) in a single control unit. It also comes with a special pre-stretch system that can stretch the film by 300%. The OEM Ringwrapper can start and stop wrapping at any height, so that stacked pallets can be stabilized separately. And, the special film welding and cutting system applies a double-welded seam at a controlled temperature and welding time, making for perfectly wrapped pallets with no loose bits of foil.



Shrink films

Sealed Air introduced Opti Next Generation (NX) shrink films from Millennium Packaging, which supplies up to 30% more footage in the same footprint, yielding key cost, material use and production advantages. The shrink films feature Sealed Air’s patented 29-micro-layer technology that produces a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and clarity. The Opti NX also boasts a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films, making it what is dubbed as the most forgiving film on the market. Opti NX’s thinner gauge and longer rolls make it possible to wrap more packages per roll, reduce film inventory requirements and increase production uptime by requiring fewer roll changeovers. The Opti NX family includes five all-purpose (Opti NXG) and two soft-shrink (Opt NXS) gauges, adapt to a wide range of shrink machinery and are recyclable and FDA- and USPS-approved.

Sealed Air Corp.


Customizable lift truck offers trillion configurations

The new Yale GP040-060MX offers the versatility, durability and efficiency to thrive in a range of applications and industries. With over a trillion possible configurations, the Yale MX is a customizable, best-fit solution that features a PSI engine, available in LPG or dual fuel, is specifically designed for industrial applications with extended service intervals and delivers advanced diagnostics. Yale Flex Performance Technology enables operators to tailor engine performance based on real-time demands, with selectable modes to either boost productivity during operational peaks or maximize fuel economy during lighter duty cycles. Additional features include Hi-Vis 2 mast and bar-on-edge overhead guard design to enhance operator visibility, generous use of sealed connectors and hydraulic fittings, canted load rollers for mast stability, an optional side-shifting fork positioner that enables faster fork width adjustment and ergonomic hand and foot controls.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.


High-speed door operates around combustible dusts

The LiteSpeed HZ from Rite-Hite is UL listed for hazardous-rated environments (Class II, Division 2) and carries a Group Code G and Temperature Code 6, meaning it can safely operate in facilities where combustible dusts (such as flour, grain, wood, plastic or chemicals) are not normally in the air, but can be present. All electrical components are enclosed in a UL Type 4X (NEMA) or DustTight enclosure for components such as photo eyes, encoder, junction box near the motor and the motor and brake. The roll-up design translates into a small physical footprint, with operating speeds of up to 65 inches per second. If bumped or impacted, the TRUE Auto Re-feed automatically reconfigures the door back on its tracks. The LiteSpeed HZ also comes with an array of safety features, such as the bottom boasts a soft breakaway, an optional full-width vision panel and a reversing slack sensor.

Rite-Hite Corp.