JDA Software, Scottsdale, Ariz., released JDA Manufacturing Planning, which powers always-on synchronization and execution, in-memory workflows, prescriptive analytics and real-time collaboration to better manage complex supply chains.

These capabilities allow manufacturers to proactively plan risk-aware strategies, optimize business performance and respond to disruptive events. The Manufacturing Planning solution offers a seamless experience on a single platform, spanning diverse supply chain processes such as network design, sales and operations planning, demand, inventory and supply planning, order promising, production scheduling, procurement and cross-enterprise collaboration.

Capabilities include:

  • Always-on synchronization provides a comprehensive control tower view of all demand and supply activities. This single, shared in-memory model spans all supply and demand functions, including related dependencies and constraints. Using the in-memory control tower, a change anywhere can be immediately seen and propagated across the entire portfolio and supply chain and shared between demand and supply planners.
  • Real-time collaboration and reconciliation capability drive consensus and alignment. The solution’s in-memory computing framework facilitates real-time reconciliation and synchronization of top-down and bottom-up inputs across supply and demand processes. User judgments can be incorporated in real time to enable interactive and collaborative consensus planning.
  • Predictive analytics enable end-to-end scenario planning across supply and demand. Built-in planning and simulation capabilities enable users to predict performance outcomes of decisions or changes. This allows planners to explore alternate strategies and build consensus on contingency plans before enacting the most effective and profitable decisions.
  • Prescriptive analytics with guided levers resolve supply, demand and business performance exceptions. Prescriptive resolution levers and playbooks help orchestrate consistent business processes and response actions across supply and demand activities. The solution helps identify potential problems and suggests appropriate resolution actions before any material impact to the business.
  • New in-memory workflows increase planning agility across all manufacturing functions. Forecasting workflows leverage enhanced in-memory computing and Excel to maximize user adoption and information transfer. In-memory workflows also improve scalability, enabling manufacturers to handle larger scenario models with low-memory requirements.


JDA Software Group, Inc.