United States Cold Storage (USCS), Voorhees, N.J., completed a 5.3 million-cubic-foot, Phase 3 addition to its public refrigerated warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

Built in 2013, USCS Dallas works with nearby USCS warehouses in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, to serve the Dallas Metroplex region and efficiently serves key markets throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

The USCS Dallas facility now offers 517,566 square feet of cold storage with room for 56,809 pallets stored at temperatures ranging from -20°F to 40°F. This high-volume truck and rail distribution center boasts 67 dock doors and eight rail doors serviced by Union Pacific, Omaha, Neb. The operation also offers multi-vendor consolidation, blast freezing and a wide range of local cartage services.

“The Dallas Metroplex area has been a growing market for USCS. After building the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections at our new Dallas warehouse, we’ve now completed this Phase 3 addition just three years later,” says George Cruz, senior vice president, Southern region. “Throughout 2016, our Metroplex warehouses have been at capacity or near capacity. Here, I want to acknowledge our managers and team members. Customers have complimented our ‘Best in Cold’ service levels and our truck turnaround times are beating industry standards.”

USCS Dallas also earned certifications from the US Department of Agriculture, Food & Drug Administration and Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI).