Sanitary Design Industries LLC, St. Louis, Mo., introduced the "XM" control system, designed uniquely for the meat industry.

The SDI XM System utilizes a patent-pending technology that is based on one simple but important principle—the only way to maintain consistent control of an aging room is to control temperature and dew point. Unlike typical systems that operate in an on/off fashion, the SDI XM System modulates, keeping the room in constant control.

The SDI XM Control System allows for constant control of temperatures and relative humidity within tight limits, and comes pre-programmed with a touch screen that displays the environmental conditions at all times.

SDI Control Systems are designed to work in processing environments that require accurate and reliable control of temperature and relative humidity, including cheese aging rooms, meat aging/curing rooms, cutting rooms, production spaces, storage coolers, grow houses and animal fodder rooms.

Sanitary Design Industries LLC