Larson Electronics, Kemp, Texas, now offers a specific type of LED light for forklift applications.

EXHL-TRN-LE4-FKWL-BLU-1224 is an explosion-proof blue forklift LED warning light that produces 2,250 lumens while drawing only 25 watts. Forklift operators may use this compact luminary to notify nearby pedestrians and workers about ongoing forklift operations.

This luminary is extremely compact (ideal for mounting in tight spaces), waterproof (IP66) and comes with explosion-proof ratings for hazardous locations.

These LED units also contain advanced drivers that use pulse width modulation to control heat buildup rather than simple voltage regulators. Terminal strips inside the fixture allow operators to make electrical connections.

This explosion-proof LED produces 50,000-plus hours of use.

Larson Electronics, LLC