CX North America Information Services Inc., Canada, partnered with Active Aero Group, a Belleville, Mich.-based provider of transportation management services for the manufacturing industry. Under the terms of the agreement, the two firms’ proprietary technology platforms have been integrated to allow automatic electronic information exchange. 

The integration allows load data to flow seamlessly from the Active Aero Group platform into the CX North America solution and automatic location updates and key shipment notification alerts from the CX North America to populate the Active Aero Group system in real time. As a result, carriers, drivers, Active Aero Group and its customers receive precise, up-to-date information. Updates span all events from load pickup to delivery, including routes taken and estimated arrival/delivery times as well as transmission of proof of delivery (POD) documents, images and electronic signatures.
“We pride ourselves on service delivery accomplished in full view of our customers, whether it is bidding, tendering, tracking, reporting or more,” says David Camden, vice president of operations for Active Aero Group. “We thus demand that carriers support our commitment to visibility by providing us constant shipment status updates. By virtue of this integration, carriers using the CX North America solution become preferred providers, as automatic system updates by electronic  means comprise the most efficient and timely notifications possible.”

“We are pleased to team with Active Aero Group and bring immediate benefit to customers of both companies,” adds Sharon Coburn, CX North America’s vice president of business development for North America. “From our perspective, CX North America customers doing business with Active Aero Group gain an additional service offering as part of their subscription, satisfy a key work requirement efficiently and effectively and decrease their workload. In the process, carriers are considered preferred providers, a designation that will assist their efforts to win work going forward. It is a win-win situation all around.”