CX North America Information Services Inc., Canada, launched its freight collaboration platform and corresponding mobile app that enable real-time freight tracking and communication between brokers, third-party logistics companies and carriers, from first customer contact to proof of delivery.

By pulling data from over a dozen telematics providers, transportation management systems and drivers on the mobile app receive a single view of their freight and partner networks on any desktop or mobile device. Jobs can be assigned directly to drivers, matching real-time vehicle location, load capacity and availability with business needs.

Firms can maintain communication with carriers and drivers via the CX North America app, available now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Drivers can send alerts showing both current load status and future availability as well as automated smart alerts that keep customers and partners updated on their current location. At the tap of a screen, they can send date- and time-stamped updates of all major order milestones, including arrived shipper, loaded, arrived consignee and digitized POD with customer signature. Further, the mobile app features an instant messenger for secure correspondence between drivers, controllers and partners.

CX North America Information Services Inc.