Ryder System, Inc., Miami, Fla., launched RyderShare, a cloud-based platform that provides real-time shipment visibility, predictive alerts and exception dashboards.

This technology is accessible through a customer-facing website and mobile application that utilizes cellular and GPS technology to link shippers with onboard vehicle technologies. The system provides real-time visibility and event management capabilities to shippers, and delivers information updates and routing instructions to drivers.

RyderShare provides real-time information regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins and destinations. The underlying visibility technology behind this platform was developed in partnership with FourKites, Chicago.

How it works is, a user –a shipper, carrier/driver or dispatcher – can toggle among multiple features for each load, including stops, maps, updates and messages. If there is a delay in a shipment while in transit, RyderShare alerts the shipper and recipient, and provides the shipper with a list of re-routing options. The software application can also track shipments at a SKU/part level and monitor the condition of the load.

Ryder System, Inc.