Uncle Matt’s Organic, Clermont, Fla., announced new packaging for its line of 12-ounce organic juices and debuted a new 28-ounce sleek companion geared toward smaller households.

“Our new packaging is an evolution in our line that aims to target a broader audience,” says Matt McLean, founder and CEO. “With the new sleek design, the grab-and-go 12-ounce juices are more appealing, and our brand new 28-ounce juice line offers Millennials and smaller households a size that fits their lifestyle. Couple this new packaging with our expanding line of functional juices, and you get an easy, convenient solution for adding healthy nutrition into your daily life.”

In addition, Uncle Matt’s expanded its functional juice offerings to include an Organic Energy drink boosted with the organic coffeeberry and the adaptogen super-herb, ashwagandha. Organic Energy contains 100 mg of organic caffeine and only 3 ingredients and 160% RDV of vitamin C.

“Our Orange Energy drink is the answer to those who would prefer an organic energy boost without the questionable ingredients. Our Orange Energy has only three ingredients, is USDA organic and also contains good-for-you B and C vitamins that are proven antioxidants,” says McLean. “In a convenient 12-ounce size, it’s easy to take with you on the run and isn’t loaded with empty calories. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb, and is clinically proven for many health benefits, including cognitive function and memory. “I wanted to make an energy drink that didn’t give you the jitters but helped enhance mental focus while feeling uplifted.”