Uncle Matt's Organic juice brand is excited to announce the launch of Matt50 Orange Juice Beverage. Matt50 contains half the sugar and calories as regular OJ and is boosted with 100% DV Vitamin C, plus prebiotics and probiotics for gut health and immune support. 

"Uncle Matt's Organic orange juice is the best-selling on the market, so we are excited to offer consumers who are seeking a great-tasting, lower sugar and calorie option with the launch of Matt50," said Susan McLean, VP of marketing and innovation at Uncle Matt's Organic. "You can now have your juice and drink it too with just 50 calories per serving. Sweetened with organic stevia, Matt50 delivers on taste and nutrition with a delicious blend of sun-kissed oranges, 100% of Vitamin C per serving as well as prebiotics and probiotics for immune and digestive health support.”

Uncle Matt's Organic Matt50 is now available in a family friendly 52 ounce size at Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market locations nationwide with an SRP of $6.49.

About Uncle Matt's Organic
Uncle Matt's Organic is the nation's oldest organic orange juice company offering premium quality organic products. All Uncle Matt's Organic products are USDA Organic, have no synthetic additives or preservatives and contain no GMOs. Uncle Matt's Organic products are available nationwide in fine retailers nationwide. Uncle Matt's Organic is an active member of Organic Trade Association (OTA) and supports the Organic Farming Research Foundation, The Organic Center, and Organic Voices.