Featuring a SS316 Grade stainless-steel enclosure, Model 88S Extreme from BestCode Products, Fort Worth, Texas, prints real-time “Best By,” “Lot Code,” “Sell by,” “Expiration Codes” and other identifying marks and codes to any substrate even in the most extreme wet and high dust environments.

The system comes with optional positive air system for enclosure and printhead. It prints 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of text, barcodes or graphics, and boasts a complete range of dye and soft pigmented inks available in a variety of colors.

Additional features include:

CleanStart—automatically cleans printhead, eliminating daily and weekly cleanings.

• 10.4-inch color touchscreen displays large intuitive buttons and status indicators.

OneTouch—single-step operator functions reduce operator steps.

• Large volume ink tanks extend time between fluid additions to weeks or months.

• On-the-fly external ink filling can be accomplished in less than a minute with no waste.

AutoOff Go Home button automates and eliminates end-of-day manual routines.

Model 81 also features more than 20 operation and print languages, including all Latin-based languages, Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, etc.

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