Plastic Suppliers, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, introduced EarthFirst UL, an ultra-thin, bio-based sealant web used for flexible packaging applications.

EarthFirst UL is made from lactic acid found in several renewable organic feedstocks like tapioca roots, sugar beets, sugar cane and corn. Through commercial testing and trials, Plastic Suppliers has been able to quantify significant improvements to the overall supply chain efficiency with EarthFirst UL in lower freight costs, reducing costly roll changeovers, requiring less storage and reducing the material volume entering the solid waste stream.

EarthFirst UL is ideal for food packaging applications using single-serve pillow pouches, gusseted stand-up pouches, frozen food containers and multi-wall bags. EarthFirst UL forms superior seals at lower seal initiation temperatures, and is compatible with PET, metPET, PP, Nylon and paper substrates.

Plastic Suppliers, Inc.