Amy's, Petaluma, Calif., announced Paella Bowl, a vegetarian twist on the traditional dish. The paella is certified-vegan, made with organic ingredients and gluten-free, and features creamy Arborio rice mixed with organic carrots, peas, red bell peppers, green beans and tomatoes, roasted and marinated house-made tofu and classic paella spices such as saffron, wood-smoked organic paprika, garlic and black pepper.

Also new are breakfast bakes. The Country Breakfast kind consists of house-made scrambled tofu and organic spinach, meatless sausage made from scratch and organic quinoa and white Cheddar cheese. Meanwhile, the Mexican Breakfast options entails organic roasted potatoes, corn, refried black beans, scrambled house-made tofu, Amy’s house-made signature chile relleno sauce and a blend of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses.

Amy’s pizza portfolio now includes Meatless Pepperoni, Gluten-Free Spinach and Gluten-Free Pesto Pizzas, as well as Vegan Margherita Swirls, a pizza-inspired snack with a twist. As with all of Amy’s pizzas, each one is unique, with a hand-stretched crust that is layered with organic tomato sauce and then hand-topped.