OctoFrost Group, San Jose, Calif., took over 100% of the shares of Innotec Systems BV, a manufacturer of customized industrial food processing machinery and food processing lines with strong expertise in thermal processes like blanching, cooking and chilling. This acquisition means that OctoFrost is becoming a key player in supplying complete individually quick-frozen (IQF) processing lines.

“Taking over Innotec was our natural response to the needs of the market,” says Ruben Larsson, founder of OctoFrost Group. “This brings a number of advantages for food processors, and the most significant one is that from now on there will be no further discussions whom has all the responsibility for the good operation of the complete line. It is us. We can now optimize the entire line for the best final result, highest yield, lowest energy consumption bringing the highest value to our customers. Our after-sales activities also benefit from the scale up in the organization, and we can be closer to our customers.”

OctoFrost Group and Innotec Systems, The Netherlands, maintain a long history together, installing multiple processing lines around the globe.