Spiroflow positions itself for the future with a major re-branding initiative featuring a contemporary new logo.

The Monroe, N.C.-based company is building upon its history and re-branding to reflect the company’s focus on growth and expansion. Spiroflow is not a single product company or a single process company, and the new logo is designed to represent that.

“We proudly carry on our heritage and commitment to excellence with a fresh new look, as we launch what will be the brand and company logo for the next 45 years,” says Jeffrey Dudas, co-chairman and CEO.

“We choose a fresh modern font. The white space created by the shape of the ‘w’ represents the filling and discharging of powders and materials – a nod to our bulk material handling solutions. The multiple colors speak to the different and growing divisions of the company, the complementary products and services we provide our customers, the multiple materials we help our customers process and the fact that Spiroflow does business in more than 75 countries,” adds Michel Podevyn, founder, co-chairman and president.

Spiroflow provides bulk material handling and powder processing equipment solutions, including bulk bag fillers, bulk bag unloaders, control systems, bulk bag conditioners, customized hoppers, bin activators and bin, bag, box and drum emptiers.