The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), Madison, Wis., released  “Superconsumer Phase 1: Setting the Stage” research, which details the importance of profitable and insightful consumers for retailers and manufacturers.

IDDBA commissioned The Cambridge Group, Chicago, to begin exploring superconsumer opportunities in bakery, cheese, dairy and deli.

Superconsumers—consumers who are heavy users of a particular product and are highly passionate about that product—represent an incredible opportunity for fresh departments. 

“By understanding your superconsumers, you’ll be able to use their insight to grow your sales and convert other shoppers into superconsumers,” says Mike Eardley, president and CEO. “The stories and testimony in these reports help to illuminate the potential of each departments’ superconsumers.”

This research will help IDDBA members to sharpen marketing, sales and innovation and create category growth.