Newport Organization, the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based parent company of Newport International, acquired Crocker & Winsor Seafoods, a Needham, Mass.-based supplier of over 600 frozen seafood items to distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and restaurant chains throughout the United States.   

Since its formation, Crocker & Winsor has played an instrumental role in ensuring that the world’s seafood supplies are sustained and appreciated. 

“John Parker has done a masterful job in preserving and building a great company over the years,” says Anjan Tharakan, president of Newport Organization. “We look forward to carrying the torch and continuing his vision for many years to come. He has put in place a great team, including Rob Hallion who has been promoted from vice president to president of Crocker & Winsor. He and the team will continue to run the company on a day-to-day basis as a Massachusetts-based subsidiary with the full financial support of Newport Organization. The addition of Crocker & Winsor marks an important milestone in the group’s long-term growth strategy, as it furthers our efforts to diversify our product offerings. By coupling Crocker & Winsor’s extensive Winsor Bay line of high-quality frozen seafood products with Newport’s existing Jack’s Catch and Pacific Cove branded products, we are well positioned to be the go-to resource for the country’s top restaurant chains, manufacturers, supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers.”

“On behalf of the entire Crocker & Winsor team, we are delighted to mark this new chapter in our rich history,” adds Rob Hallion, president of Crocker & Winsor. “With the incorporation of the company into Newport Organization, we will not only be able to continue to provide quality products to our existing customers, but also explore a variety of exciting new opportunities.”