Universal Pasteurization Co., LLC, Lincoln, Neb., is hosting its second annual high-pressure processing (HPP) Summit Oct. 2-4 at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta.

Following the inaugural HPP Summit, which drew over 200 global attendees, the 2017 HPP Summit will feature a wide variety of speakers, panels and educational breakout sessions relevant to food manufacturers, retailers, foodservice providers, packagers and other companies in the food supply chain that are currently or considering taking advantage of HPP.

The Summit will include discussions and presentations by leaders from industry and academia, networking opportunities and direct advice from experts. As part of the Summit event, Universal is also conducting the second annual HPP industry survey of refrigerated food producers and retailers (available here).

“The HPP Summit is a great way to bring members of the food chain together to talk about where the industry is moving and help each other leverage high-pressure processing more effectively,” says Mark Duffy, chief executive officer of Universal Pasteurization and Universal Cold Storage LLC. “It’s an event designed for anyone with interest in HPP, from those who are already implementing it and looking for research and technical information to companies interested in learning the basics.”

Speakers include, but are not limited to:

David W. K. Acheson, president and CEO of The Acheson Group, Frankfort, Ill.

Shawn Stevens, food industry lawyer and attorney, Food Industry Counsel LLC, Random Lake, Wis.

Manny Picciola, managing director and head of food and beverage practice, L.E.K. Consulting, Chicago

Barb Stuckey, president and chief innovation officer, Mattson, Fremont, Calif.

Arthur Liang, senior advisor for food safety, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington, D.C.

Go to http://universalpasteurization.com/2017hppsummit/ for more information.