Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division, Charlotte, N.C., launched Suma Break-Up Chlor SC, a highly concentrated chlorinated degreaser, and Suma Final Step 1024, a concentrated no-rinse sanitizer. Both products, designed to clean and sanitize food contact surfaces, feature RTD spray packaging for safe, accurate dispensing ad enhance cleaning convenience, cost savings and sustainability.

Formulated with chlorine and designed for use on kitchen surfaces and food processing equipment, Diversey Care’s Suma Break-Up Chlor effectively removes heavy food soils like grease, dirt, oils, fats and protein that can cause stains and odors. The 1.5-liter packaging provides 204 end-use gallons.

Suma Final Step 1024 is a no-rinse sanitizer that kills 99.9999% of bacteria within one minute. The concentrate is designed for use in food preparation and storage areas, and can be used in commercial sinks for dishes, glassware and utensils and on hard, non-porous surfaces with a mop and bucket, trigger sprayers, sponge or by soaking. The 1.5-liter packaging provides 814 end-use gallons and the J-Fill packaging provides 1,354 end-use gallons.

Sealed Air Corp.