Ask any CPG executive about digital disruption, and they will most likely share a similar sentiment—Digital now stands as the gatekeeper to growth in just about any industry.

For years, grocery manufacturers had the formula down. Keep a watchful eye on supply-side size and scale, distribute inventory as widely and inexpensively as possible and profits would follow. Compared to today, it was a simple world with traditional, mass-produced products distributed via a limited number of traditional channels.

Digital disruption has proven that formula to be obsolete. Modern consumer mindsets and preferences combined with technology make it so that nimble disruptors are eating into grocery manufacturers’ profits at a rapid pace.

To survive and thrive, grocery manufacturers must evolve into modern enterprises, built on a reinvented agile operating model and equipped to enable entirely new business models.

Large grocery manufacturers must leverage digital capabilities to fuel this agility, so no matter the consumer preference, the channel or the technology, the company is there waiting for the consumer, providing the right product or service to fulfill their individual needs.

Transforming into an organization that designs for delight, reorients to deliver and operates on flexible platforms to adapt with agility is the key to the true differentiation large grocery manufacturers have been chasing.

This report, “IT Leaders: Seize the Opportunity,” produced by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., details how IT leaders ready to seize this opportunity to be the agent of change driving digital transformation.