Thermo King, Minneapolis, debuted an all-electric TriPac Envidia auxiliary power unit (APU), an environmentally clean, reliable APU that is said to deliver the longest run-time in the industry.

Because there is no diesel engine, the TriPac Envidia runs clean, is significantly quieter and requires minimal maintenance.

The unit’s simple in-cab controller allows drivers to select the desired function of the system – cool, fan or heat modes. The controller also indicates the battery charge level, and allows drivers to adjust the fan speed and cab temperature to deliver optimal in-cab comfort.

The unit’s patented battery management technology also provides:

  • Individual charging and discharging management for each battery.
  • 3-stage charging profile to optimize performance and extend the life of its NXT dry cell technology battery.
  • Full discharge of the auxiliary power-pack batteries before switchover to minimize depletion of tractor batteries during HVAC operation

Thermo King North America