Enson Group, Inc., Cincinnati, acquired SDJ Trading, LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.

SDJ Trading's business model is focused on food distribution and transportation, serving the Asian restaurant market in northeast Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Washington D.C. 

Enson's main interest in acquiring SDJ was due to its strategic plan to expand operations and gain market share northeast of Reading, Pa., where they currently own and operate an Asian food distribution facility called Eleni Trading, Inc., dba Enson Reading, Inc.

"The acquisition of SDJ Trading provides us the market share penetration in the northeast sector of the U.S., thus contributing to our quest to eventually grow Enson Group, Inc. into a national brand," says Vivian Zheng, Enson Group CEO. "With our current infrastructure in Cincinnati and Reading, Pa., we are positioned to easily and quickly accommodate customer demands, along with our growth forecasts."