Cascade Dairy Holdings Inc., Othello, Wash., announced its subsidiary, Columbia Basin Dairy Holdings, LLC (CBDH), announced plans to acquire up to 300 additional dairy cows over the next several months, adding to its existing 60-cow dairy herd.

"Currently with 60 cows milking in Cascade's dairy herd, our business is hard underway. The dairy where our 60 cows are currently located has the capacity to milk up to 300 additional cows, and we intend to initially grow our herd at this facility until our previously announced plans of growth are finalized," says Ryan Coulston, president and CEO of CBDH. "Milk prices are on the rise, and so is the quality of our milk blend. The high production of the milk will guarantee our company's profitably and longevity, and will increase revenue to help supplement our herd with continual growth."