Brakebush Brothers Inc., a Madison, Wis.-based poultry processor, is expanding its Westfield, Wis., operation to meet growing demand.

The $86 million expansion is expected to create more than 200 jobs and will be in operation in December.  

“Our company has been able to grow and compete on a national level for many years. This expansion of our production facility will enable us to provide great-tasting Brakebush products to our customers for years to come. The Westfield and surrounding area of Marquette County has been our home since 1925, and the hardworking, dedicated people in this area are the key to our success,” says Carl Brakebush, chairman of the board.

Brakebush produces more than 200 processed chicken products to restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities and convenience stores nationwide.

In October, Brakebush announced plans to build a chicken processing facility in Greenville, Texas.