Eurofins Experchem, Canada, announced the opening and accreditation of the first Eurofins food testing laboratory in Canada. The two-laboratory complex offers chemical and microbiological analyses, and achieved ISO 17025 accreditation as certified by the Standards Council of Canada.

"Eurofins is excited to open these state-of-the-art food microbiology and chemistry laboratories, as we envision our lab to serve both local food manufacturers in Ontario and global companies with operations in Canada," says Sean Murray, Eurofins US Food president.

Eurofins aims to bring the Canadian market “farm-to-fork” product testing capabilities, as well as food safety training, certification and auditing services. The Toronto laboratories will bring Canadian food producers and retailers test methods and services not available anywhere else by leveraging its extensive testing scope of over 400 laboratories.

Microbiology services offered by the new lab include environmental monitoring, spoilage organism and pathogen testing of finished products. The chemistry laboratory provides evaluation of nutritional parameters and quantification of harmful contaminants like allergens and pesticide residues. The initial service offering was created with the aim to minimize contamination risks within process, ingredients and products for any food-related industry, according to Matthew Jennison, business development manager for Eurofins Experchem.

"Our new lab offers clients in North America tailored local service and global expertise in pathogen detection, quantitative microbiology and food chemistry," Murray adds. "Moreover, it serves as a drop-off point to our global centers of excellence, which have leading scientific authorities in nutritional and genetic analysis, contaminants, authenticity and allergens testing, amongst other things."