Lotito Foods, Edison, N.J., updated the packaging of its Folios Cheese Wraps, which are dubbed the first-ever 100% cheese wrap that can be filled with veggies, deli meters and more.

The new packaging highlights attributes and benefits, including:

·        “Made from All Natural Cheese” with a bright cheese image at the top of every package.

·       “Made from 100% Real Cheese” and “4 Lightly Baked Sheets of Cheese” clearly marked at bottom of package.

·       Health attributes clearly marked as “13g protein, 1g carbs.”

·       Emphasizing “rBST free,” “naturally gluten and lactose free.”

·       “No Starch, Wheat, Flour or Fillers; No Added Sugars or Additives” touted on every package.

The new, clear visual organization of the package also showcases product uses and recipes.

“The exciting new look and feel [on the packaging] shows consumers the amazing benefits and highlights the many exciting uses of Folios,” says Chris Lotito, president. “revolutionary innovation come true that allows home cooks to make delicious recipes, wraps, snacks and more taste great while staying low carb and gluten free.”