noosa yoghurt, Bellvue, Colo., introduced five new flavors, including three mix-in-style yogurts, to its noosa mates lineup.

These new flavors combine thick, velvety whole milk yogurt with premium toppings.

For instance, the Caramel Chocolate Pecan kind was inspired by turtle candies, featuring Guittard dark chocolate chips, pretzels and praline pecans.

Coffee Chocolate Almond consists of velvety blended cold-brew coffee yogurt, as well as a mix-in of Guittard dark chocolate chips, coffee crunchies and sliced almonds.

The Blueberry Walnut Granola kind combines blueberry yogurt with Purely Elizabeth ancient grain granola and a sprinkle of currants and walnuts.

Blackberry is full of Marion blackberry goodness.

And, Raspberry Lemonade offers a quintessential lemonade flavor made with a honey yogurt foundation, Meyer lemons and a touch of real raspberry.