Alto-Shaam, Menomonee Falls, Wis., partnered with Appliance Innovation, Dallas, Texas, to expand its Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven line with the F Series full-size electric models.

The new Vector Multi-Cook Oven F Series full-size models can accommodate full-size sheet pans, and gives operators the ability to combine oven chambers to accommodate taller food items. All this can be done while still controlling temperature, fan speed and time in multiple, independent chambers.

Alto-Shaam’s patented Structured Air Technology provides unmatched evenness in cooking.

Highlights of the new oven include:

  • 3-4 ovens in one—Available in 3-4 chamber electric models (VMC-F3E, VMC-F4E)
  • Accommodates full-size sheet pans
  • Combined chamber capability for taller food items
  • Comparable to two convection ovens combined, while offering better browning and higher yield
  • Flexibility to simultaneously cook a variety of menu items with no flavor transfer
  • Control temperature, fan speed and time in each individual oven chamber
  • Improved throughput—Cook up to two times more food than a traditional oven
  • Superior cooking evenness without rotating pans
  • Simple operation does not require skilled labor
  • No microwaves
  • No water