Jamison Door, Hagerstown, Md., released JAMOTUF, a series of fiberglass architectural-style doors and frames for “tuf” environments, such as food processing, water and wastewater treatment, cleanroom, restaurants and more.

JAMOTUF features monolithic molded construction for a true seamless impermeable outer shell. The molecular cross-linking of all six sides of the door ensures integrity of the seamless design. An outer shell is press-molded to composite core materials for a variety of applications and designs.

Other features include:

  • 25 MIL molded gloss gelcoat surface.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced molded structural layers.
  • Molded 3/8-inch solid monolithic fiberglass perimeter edge.
  • Solid fiberglass vertical stiffener reinforcements.
  • 1.75-inch panel thickness.
  • 1/8-inch fiberglass molded plate thickness.
  • Machine-tooled edges, beveled at latch edge.
  • Standard closed cell insulating foam core CFC and HCFC free fire-retardant low-smoke developed.
  • Certified labeled products manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications and procedures as determined by Underwriters Laboratories or Warnock Hersey International testing and inspecting services.
  • Comes in White, Light Gray, Beige and Dark Brown.

Jamison Door Co.