Snow Monkey, the Santa Monica, Calif., creator of superfood ice cream, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, a Canada-based hemp food manufacturer, to grow, make and sell its own brand of hemp food products and educate consumers on the versatility and health benefits of hemp protein.

“As dedicated Manitoba Harvest customers, we’re excited to form this partnership and further educate consumers on why we included hemp in our products,” says Rachel Geicke and Mariana Ferreira, co-founders of Snow Monkey. “When we created Snow Monkey, we had athletes in mind, so maintaining a high-protein content was key. Manitoba Harvest’s products have allowed us to achieve that goal in the most powerful and mindful way possible.”

“Manitoba Harvest is thrilled to be partnering with Snow Monkey, giving people another way to enjoy the benefits of this growing super seed,” says Mike Fata, founder of Manitoba Harvest.