Soft Robotics, Cambridge, Mass., debuted its pizza automation solution, ideal for the picking, placing and packaging needs of the pizza industry, including fresh dough, ingredient placement and fresh and frozen pizza handling.

This one-of-a-kind pizza automation solution repetitively handles unstructured and delicate items, such as rising dough and pizza toppings.

The gripping systems are designed to mimic the human hand, and can grasp items of various size, shape and weight with easy-to-use, end-of-arm tooling. In addition, one gripper can automate several product sizes and SKUs from personal to full-size, supreme pizza.

Other benefits include:

● Soft, compliant grippers gently handle fragile items and ingredients.

● FDA-compliant materials and food-safe contact surfaces ensure product safety and integrity.

● Precise and high-speed, pick-and-place increases pizza packaging line efficiency.

● Turn-key design can be quickly developed and deployed.


Soft Robotics