Muller LCS, Glenview, Ill., developed LOCK N’ POP, a premier load containment solution that can automatically monitor application amounts.

The new system, called Unitizer 150F, can signal the customer when applied amounts of product are out of range, thereby assuring proper application without having to periodically weigh samples of the applied cohesive. For customers securing loads using only LOCK N’ POP without additional stretch wrap, this allows for peace of mind that the product was applied correctly and consistently without having personnel constantly supervising the operation.  

With LOCK N’ POP, the bags are adhered to each other during stacking, thus eliminating any slipping or need for stretch wrap.

The new applicator comes with PLC control to regulate and track cohesive flowrate, range and amount.  The unit can set off an alarm or integrate with the plant as required, should flow rate be off. A history log also allows technicians to access the last 1,000 logs to identify any patterns or see when the system went down. The flow sensor control can be retrofit on older U75 models.

LOCK N’ POP solutions are completely water-soluble. Formulated with FDA-approved ingredients, the cohesive can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.

Muller LCS