Bex, Ann Arbor, Mich., introduced the TWK Nozzle Series for cleaning and rinsing applications.

Bex TWK nozzles feature a self-rotating head, and provide 360-degree spray coverage in a compact assembly. Plus, they can be installed in any orientation, and are ideal for vessels up to 10 feet in diameter in dairies, food processing plants and other applications that require a robust nozzle for cleaning bottles, plastic crates and tanks as well as clean-in-place environments.

TWK series nozzles operate up to 100 psi and 180oF. Their concentrated, higher impact spray moves over a smaller target area, while large droplets from the 2-slot design carry farther, delivering maximum impact on the target.

TWK series nozzles are both self-cleaning and self-lubricating, and constructed of 316 stainless-steel, Kynar, Teflon and polypropylene.

BEX, Inc.