Green Giant Fresh, Salinas, Calif., launched a new line of fresh vegetable meal bowls with six distinct world flavors. All bowls are microwave-safe and ready in minutes. Just heat, stir in included sauce/seasoning packet and enjoy.

The line entails Burrito Bowl, Fried Rice Bowl, Pad Thai Bowl, Rancheros Bowl, Buddha Bowl and Ramen Bowl.

The bowls are comprised of different Green Giant Fresh value-added vegetable mixes and blends, including items from its Cauliflower Crumbles line and items from its Vegetable Noodles line.

Each vegan-friendly meal bowl comes with a sauce/seasoning packet full of flavors ranging from sweet and tangy to zesty and savory. Other bowl additives include roasted chickpeas (Buddha Bowl) and dry roasted edamame (Ramen Bowl), while other protein preferences (e.g. chicken, shrimp, beef, tofu, egg) can be added to any of the bowls.

“We know consumers are on the go and looking for healthy and nutritious foods, swaps and meal alternatives,” says Jamie Strachan, chief executive officer. “Our meal bowls line was developed in response to this demand, then refined and perfected with our premium vegetable products, along with desirable flavors that give each bowl its distinctive personality.”