Labcraft, UK, introduced a new underbody lighting system, designed to illuminate when reversing to maintain safety during vehicle manoeuvring.

BM3 Banksman R23 takes its name from the European regulation REG 23, which defines the specification of reversing and manoeuvring lamps for commercial vehicles. The regulation stipulates that the light colour must be white, must not exceed an intensity of 500 cd (Candela) and should come under an intensity of 0.5 cd in the field of view where the light must not be seen.

The Banksman is said to be the first manoeuvring light to be launched in Europe that enables OEMs and fleet operators to comply with Regulation 48. It also satisfies three key criteria—the light must automatically switch on when the vehicle is put into reverse gear; it must switch off above 10km/h in forward gear and must not be visible on a plane 10m from the vehicle.

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