DayMark Safety Systems, Bowling Green, Ohio, introduced a new kitchen automation system, designed to transform the way restaurants and quick-service retailers safely prepare food.

Key to the platform is DayMark’s new Gateway, which is virtually an “app store” for the foodservice industry.


Gateway’s key components include the following:

MenuCommand, an app designed for use at the corporate level, provides a centralized management and communication system for menu data, training materials and other critical information.

MenuPilot takes information from MenuCommand, so it can be shared with one or hundreds of foodservice operators around the globe.

Nutritics Insight is a companion app that allows users to build and manage ingredients and recipes in a single system.

Matt85 is a hardware bundle that includes an Android tablet and a Bluetooth-enabled label printer, available exclusively through DayMark.


Benefits to the foodservice industry include:

Enhanced communication. The app stores shelf life, nutritional facts, allergens and prep data in the cloud, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, for quick and easy food labeling.

Real-time updates. Menu changes or new compliance regulations are instantly communicated to all locations.

Simplified, company-wide learning. The app creates training videos and recipe cards and shares to all sites, providing consistent and thorough staff training.

Security. The entire cloud-based system keeps data safe and secure. Plus, all updates are handled automatically over the Internet, eliminating the need for USB drives or downloads from FTP sites.

DayMark Safety Systems